Muscletech Performance Series Mass Tech ( 7lbs – 3.8kg )


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This is a Vegetarian product.

  • Build muscle, increase strength & accelerate recovery
  • Packed with high-quantity, premium quality calories
  • Scientifically shown to help build more mass
  • Muscletech mass-tech delivers the protein, carbs, and creatine you need to bulk up, pack on muscle and jack up your strength
  • Mass-tech supplies the macronutrients and muscle building ingredients you need to help you gain mass, size and strength!
  • Mass-tech has all the muscle building power you need to pack on slabs of new mass!
  • Mass-tech is designed for active men and women, for those looking to increase their dietary protein, carbohydrate intake and for athletes who are looking to break through their muscle-and-strength-training plateaus

Weight : 7lbs – 3.8kg

Flavour : Milk Chocolate


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