Dymatize Super Mass Gainer Protein Supplement 12 lbs


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The ultimate mass gaining and body-building sport nutrition supplement from Dymatize proudly presents Dymatize super mass gainer. Just as the name suggests, you would not only gain mass, rather you would put on some ‘super mass’. Comprising of a highly concerted formula. The Dymatize super mass gainer is an all-inclusive merge using the zytrixa technology. Rich in carbohydrates, its powerful mass-gaining support formula is specifically designed for hardest gainers, to help recover from the strenuous workouts. The product contains a glutamine rich protein that provides you with the necessary amino acid fusion and this in turn enhances recovery and fastens body growth. It guarantees ‘nil side effects’ for its digestive enzyme formula enables the absorption of maximal calories and proteins without disturbing the routine digestive activities. Just one serving renders about 1280 calories plus, 50 grams of ultra high quality proteins, 252 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of supplementary creatine, a proprietary amino acid blend and ample vitamins and minerals. The major ingredients enclose the perfect fusion of maltodextrin, Dymatize protein blend, Dymatize simple carbohydrate blend, mineral and fatty acids blend, natural cocoa and loads and loads of minerals.

Weight : 12lbs

Flavour : Rich Choco


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